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Why should Protective Roofing be your first choice...

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It all starts at the top!

With over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial construction... Steven Denney is our owner and chief roofer.

With that being said, Steven knows the importance of professional quality roofing.

After all... He has seen the benefits of long-lasting, professionally constructed roofs. He has also, however, seen the consequences of cut-corners and cut-cost construction. You see... Even the most well-meaning roofer can cause unintended headaches for homeowners if they lack the proper experience and extended training. It's this very knowledge and expertise that led Steven to become an NCCER Certified construction instructor with the Academy of Craft Training. This means that he teaches other professionals the best practices and quality standards that customers expect from the construction industry.


Steven has taken his decades of construction experience and NCCER instructor knowledge and put all of that into his company, Protective Roofing, LLC. "Why?" you ask... So that homeowners just like you can benefit from the professional, dependable quality roofing services you and your family deserve. Give your family home the best protection available. And please... Don't just patch it up! Repair it and improve it by making Protective Roofing your #1 choice for roofing repairs and services.

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